Science Websites

Lesson 1 Quiz online

Lesson 2 Quiz online

Lesson 8 Quiz online

Lesson 9 Quiz online


Labeling diagrams with a study session before!

More classification!

Animal Classification


2nd Nine Weeks

Earth Science

Just for teachers

Earth's Crust

Awesome Website! This website is for practice with plate tectonics for a visual respresentation. Interactive!


Reading about microbes and a quick video! provided a reading on what kind of germs are in our world!

Kidshealth video on immune systems.

This website was provided by Ms. Mills! This was our computer research of microbes! Click on Microorganisms!

Earth Science


Use this website for quake querries.

More Earthquake information

Famous Earthquake Information

Eye witness account! Use this for your reading time!!!

Earthquake Quiz!!!! Check how much you really know!


Volcano information

Eye witness account of a volcano! Use this for your reading time!!!

Be prepared!

Constructive/Destructive Processes


Science Project Idea Websites