Math Websites

I do not control any of the materials located on the following websites. I have listed them on this website because I found them to target skills that we have learned in class or will be learning in the future weeks ahead. Please use these websites carefully. If there is any problem with a link, please inform me as soon as possible so that I may either remove it or find another one to replace it.


You will love this website. You can safely allow your child to sit and practice his or her math facts in addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It is wonderful!  Challenge your child to beat the clock and to step up a level once the first level has been mastered!  Your child can even print out a certificate to show completion and score!

This is a spin-off of everybody’s favorite game show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” coming to you as “Who wants to be a Mathonaire?” with Multiplication. Once you are done, there are other Math Logic games available.

This is a great site. The creators organized it according to targeted skill, such as addition or decimals.  That is not the best part. This is a 3rd grade site that also includes Language Arts Skills that can benefit your child also. We hope that you are able to utilize this great source of information!

Continuous Improvement Model for Math that allows you and your child to maneuver through a variety of targeted skills. We absolutely suggest clicking the Division link which will take you to the Digit Workout!  Having problems with putting numbers (decimals) in order?  Check out the Decimals link for extra practice!

Top ten math websites for kids provided by the Sylvan Learning Institute.

This is another great interactive website with tons more website links available. This is a great resource for third and fourth graders.  Not only does this website provide great information for math, but this is great for Language Arts also!!!

Wow!  What a lot of choices!  Finally, someone put together many links providing a variety of choices to fit your needs. One hot link is the Math Fluency link where your child can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, there is Stop the Clock where your child can practice telling time in a time challenging format!

Quizes and practice for skills we have covered or to preview.


If you are a parent that is concerned with all that trash floating around on the Internet for your little Suzy or little Johnny, this is a great site for you and your little ones. This site is specifically identified as “Approved Sites.”  Not only do you have 20 approved math sites, but at your fingertips you will find links for science and other intriguing topics that have been previewed by the creators of the website.

Pick the strand where your little one needs a little more time in. Enjoy searching through the endless choices provided through the strands.

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more links for math, there are! This website has links for all of the strands for 3-5. Try any of these creative links.  Make sure to read the directions for any help. Some websites are easy once directions are comprehended.

This is for kids 5 and up.  There are tons of interactive activities that you and your child can work on.  There is even a link for your little brother or sister!  Math actually becomes cool.

This is a website targeted for 13 and above, but some of the features can be used to challenge students who think they know it all.  Check out Subtraction Blast!  Trust us, you will have a Blast!  Don’t forget to check out the Multiplication Practice. Apparently, at any age, Multiplication is a must!

Measurement for centimeters.

Fly around the world in 80 seconds as you complete math problems!!!

Great website for interactive practice.

Fractions Quiz

This website is a link provided by one of our very own tech support staff members at Rosebud. There are many learning opportunities on this site!

Specific Areas:

Factoring and Multiples


Death by Decimals -Great comparison of decimals and fractions

Awesome Fraction those fractions. Complete the chart first. Then move them to the boxes.

Comparing Fractions; Placing them in order...great CRCT practice!!!


Rounding Numbers